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Program Assistant

Affiliated Faculty

Abigail Perez Aguilera

Part-time Lecturer

Aleksandra Wagner

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Alice Crary

University Distinguished Professor

Amalle Dublon

Part-Time Faculty

Andrea Geyer

Associate Professor of New Genres

Anna DiLellio

Part-Time Faculty

Benjamin Gillespie

Part-time Lecturer

Brian McGrath

Professor of Urban Design

Chiara Bottici

Professor of Philosophy

Christen Clifford

Part-time Lecturer

Christina Moon

Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies

Cinzia Arruzza

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Claire Potter

Professor of History

Colette Brooks

Associate Professor of Literary Studies; Departmental Faculty Advisor for Writing

Constantina Zavitsanos

Part-time Assistant Professor, Visual Studies

Danielle Goldman

Associate Professor of Dance; Chair of The Arts

David Brody

Professor of Design Studies

Deva Woodly

Associate Professor of Politics; Director of Undergraduate Studies and Departmental Faculty Advisor for Politics

Dominic Pettman

Professor of Culture and Media

Elaine Abelson

Associate Professor of History

Elizabeth Kendall

Associate Professor of Liberal Studies and Literary Studies

Elizabeth Morano

Part-Time Faculty

Ellen Freeberg

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Affiliated Faculty in the Politics Department at the New School for Social Research

Elzbieta Matynia

Professor of Sociology and Liberal Studies, Director of Transregional Center for Democratic Studies

Eric Thomas

Part-Time Faculty

Farrah Qidwai

Part-Time Faculty

Francesca Granata

Associate Professor of Fashion Studies

Gabriela Rendón

Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and Community Development

Gina Walker

Professor of Women's Studies

Hazel Clark

Professor of Design Studies and Fashion Studies

Heather Davis

Assistant Professor of Culture and Media

Heike Jenss

Associate Professor of Fashion Studies

Jane Necol

Part-time Associate Teaching Professor

Jeannine Tang

Assistant Professor of Modern/Contemporary Art History & Visual Studies

Jennifer Firestone

Associate Professor of Literary Studies

Joe Jeffreys

Part-Time Faculty

Joshua Lubin-Levy

Part-Time Faculty

Julia Ott

Associate Professor of History

Ka-Man Tse

Assistant Professor of Photography

Katayoun Chamany

Mohn Family Professor of Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Associate Professor, Biology; Chair, Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Kate Eichhorn

Associate Professor of Culture and Media; Director and Departmental Faculty Advisor for Culture and for Media

Katherine Kurs

Part-time Assistant Professor

Kathleen Sweeney

Part-time Assistant Professor

Kimberly Ackert

Part-time Assistant Professor

Lana Lin

Associate Professor of Film Theory and Digital Cinema

Laura Censabella

Part-Time Faculty

Laura Y Liu

Associate Professor of Global Studies and Geography

Leonardo Figueroa Helland

Associate Professor and Chair of the Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management Program

Lisa Rubin

Associate Professor of Psychology

Madge McKeithen

Part-Time Faculty

Manjari Mahajan

Associate Professor of International Affairs & Starr Professor and Co-Director of the India China Institute

Margaret Boe Birns

Part-Time Faculty

Margot Bouman

Assistant Professor of Visual Culture

Marie Serra

Part-Time Faculty

Marilyn Cohen

Part-Time Faculty

Maxine Weisgrau

Part-Time Faculty

Maya Smukler

Part-Time Faculty

McKenzie Wark

Professor of Culture and Media

Mia White

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Miguel Robles-Durán

Associate Professor of Urbanism

Nancy Fraser

Henry A and Louise Loeb Professor of Political and Social Science

Natalia Mehlman-Petrzela

Associate Professor of History; Director of the First Year Program

Nebahat Tokatli

Part-Time Faculty

Neil Greenberg

Professor of Choreography

Otto von Busch

Associate Professor of Integrated Design

Paul Kottman

Professor of Comparative Literature and Chair of Liberal Studies

Rachel Churner

Part-Time Lecturer, Visual Studies

Rachel Schreiber

University Professor and Associate Professor of Art, Media, and Cultural History

Rachel Sherman

Professor of Sociology

Raul Rubio

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

Rhonda Factor

Ricardo Montez

Associate Professor of Performance Studies

Rich Blint

Assistant Professor of Literature; Program Director of Race and Ethnicity

Romy Opperman

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy

Sarah Lichtman

Assistant Professor of Design History

Sariah Park

Assistant Professor of Fashion Design and Social Justice

Shana Agid

Associate Professor of Art, Media, and Communication

Sonya Mason

Part-Time Faculty

Soyoung Yoon

Assistant Professor of Visual Studies

Sujatha Jesudason

Professor of Professional Practice in Management

T. Alexander Aleinikoff

University Professor

Teresa Ghilarducci

Irene and Bernard L Schwartz Professor of Economics and Policy Analysis

Terri Gordon

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature

Terry Williams

Professor of Sociology

Theodore Kerr

Part-time Lecturer

Tracy Ehrlich

Part-Time Faculty

Ujju Aggarwal

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Experiential Learning

Vincent Cianni

Part-Time Faculty

Virag Molnar

Associate Professor of Sociology

Professor Emeritus

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