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Archived Events

GSSI-Sponsored Events, Fall 2023

Wednesday, November 15th. Symposium: Contemporary Issues in Transnational and Non-Western Identities, Genders and Sexualities. Speakers: Brittney Monique Walker, Robyn Attarian, Bella Ibrahim, Cecilia Strand, Sedef Ozoguz, and Pani Farvid. 

Wednesday, November 8th. Blak Thinking on Gender and Coloniality. Speaker: Madi Day. 

Thursdays, October 5th – December 14th. Designing Feminist Research: A Free 10-Week Co-Led Online Seminar. Led by Drs. Aslı Kotaman and Pelin Yalçinoğlu.

Monday, October 2nd. Sara Ahmed on “Killjoys at Work.” 

Wednesday, September 20th. A Writing Career in Gender & Sexuality: The Works of Joseph Allen Boone

GSSI-Sponsored Events, Spring 2023

Thursday, April 6th. Feminism as a Politics of Articulation: bell hooks and the Trouble of Identities. Speaker: Paola Rudan.

Thursday, April 6th. Inclusive or expansive gender language? Comparing experiences within and outside social media. Vera Gheno and McKenzie Wark in conversation, moderated by Chiara Bottici. View here.

Mondays, March 27th – May 29th. ONLINE | 10 Week Seminar: Decolonizing and Globalizing LGBTQ+ Studies. Seminar Leaders: Paweł Leszkowicz and Tomasz Kitlinski.

Monday, March 27th. The rise of the alt-right and gender rights regression. Presented by Anna Loretoni.

Friday, March 24th. Book Discussion: “Colonial Debts: The Case of Puerto Rico”. With Nancy Fraser and Veronica Gago, with an answer by author Rocío Zambrana. Moderated by Chiara Bottici.

Thursday, March 23rd. Book Discussion: “Cannibal Capitalism”. Speakers: Nancy Fraser, Alyssa Battistoni, David Harvey, Rocio Zambrana.

Wednesday, March 8th. Iran in Focus – The Fall of Zahak: The Revolutionary Possibilities in Iran.

Friday, February 10th. Book Panel: “A Feminist Mythology”. Co-sponsored with the NSSR Philosophy Department. A book panel with Christen Clifford, Jean-Michel Rabaté, and Rose Rejouis, with a response by Chiara Bottici.

Wednesday, February 1st. Tehran Tourist: A State of One’s Own. Film projection and discussion with Roxanne Varzi.

GSSI-Sponsored Events, Fall 2022

November 3rd. انتِ -فاضة: the Iraqi Uprising and the Political Imagination. Co-sponsored with the NSSR Sociology Department. Speaker: Zahra Ali.

November 3rd. Forgotten Philosopher Frances Power Cobbe on Women’s Rights and Animal Welfare. Co-sponsored with the NSSR Philosophy Department. Speaker: Sarah Scott.

October 24th. Changing the Subject: Feminist and Queer Politics in Neoliberal India. Co-sponsored with the NSSR Sociology Department. Speaker: Srila Roy.

October 20th. Revokable Rights and their Grammar of Power: Post Roe, Post Foucault. Co-sponsored with the NSSR Philosophy Department. Speaker: Penny Deutscher.

October 13th. Screening of Iran #3037 [violencia político-sexual en dictadura] and Conversation with the Director, Patricia Artés Ibañez. Co-sponsored with the SPE Observatory on Latin America.

October 3rd – December 12th. Feminist Research Methodologies. Seminar leaders: Dr. Asli Kotaman and Dr. Pelin Yalçınoğlu Kaplan.

September 15th. Philosophy Colloquium: Book Panel: Chiara Bottici, Anarchafeminism. Panel featuring Chiara Bottici, Judith Butler, and Romy Opperman. Co-sponsored with the NSSR Philosophy Department.

GSSI-Sponsored Events, Spring 2022

May 13th. Talking back: bell hooks and her impact on our work, a graduate roundtable with Breya Johnson, Christelle Ringuet, Chrystel Oloukoï, and Rebecca A. Wilcox, organized and moderated by Fania Noël. View here.

May 5th. Traces of domestic violence in literature and the denial of gender-based abuses in political philosophy. Speaker: Marina Calloni. View here.

April 28th. Rape Culture and Feminist Performance Art. Speakers: Christen Clifford and Vanessa Place. View here.

April 21st. The Cis Gaze and Its Others. Speaker: McKenzie Wark. View here.

March 31st. When Monsters Speak. Susan Stryker in conversation with McKenzie Wark. View here.

March 25th. Beyond Simone: Political phenomenology of the veil and its appearance in France. Hourya Bentouhami in conversation with Romy Opperman. View here.

March 17th. And the category is… Ricky Tucker in conversation with McKenzie Wark. View here.

March 10th. What we can all learn from the Psychology of Heterosexuality. Speaker: Pani Farvid. View here.

March 3rd. Transgender Psychoanalysis: Race, Class, and the Unconscious. Speaker: Patricia Gherovici. View here.

GSSI-Sponsored Events, Fall 2021

November 24th. Trans | fem | aesthetics. A Conversation with Jules Gill-Peterson, Eva Hayward and Bishakh Som, moderated by McKenzie Wark (co-presented with Culture & Media at Eugene Lang College and eflux journal). View here.

November 12th. Judith Butler “The Human in Human Rights” (co-sponsored with the University in Exile). View here.

October 22nd. Judith R. Walkowitz, Rachel Schreiber, Eurydice Aroney, Julia Laite, and Carol Leigh “Troubling Terms and the Sex Trades”. View here.

Inaugural Gender Matters Symposium (Spring 2021)

April 29th. The Art of Feminism. Speakers: Stefania De Kenessay, Vanessa Place, Mary Kelly, and Andrea Geyer. Moderated by Chiara Bottici. View here.

April 22nd. Transnational Feminisms. Speakers: Veronica Gago, Nadje Al-Ali, and Eva von Redecker. View here.

April 19th. Gender, Performance and the Body. Speakers: Margot Bouman, Tavia Nyong’o, and Marisa Jahn. View here.

April 15th. Ambivalence 1: Psychoanalyzing Ambivalence with Carole Owens and Stephanie Swales. Respondents: Patricia Gherovici and David Lichtenstein. View here.

April 12th. LASTESIS y el Arte de la Protesta – LASTESIS and the Art of Protest (Spanish event with live English translation). Speakers: Las Tesis Collective (Lea Cáceres, Paula Cometa, Sibila Sotomayor, and Daffne Valdés). Moderator: Astrid Valenzuela. View here.

April 8th. The Feminist Imagination: On María Pía Lara’s Beyond the Public Sphere: Films and the Feminist Imaginary (co-sponsored with Philosophy Department). Speakers: Nancy Fraser, Linda Alcoff, Amy Allen, and María Pía Lara. View here.

April 5th. Sexual Justice Symposium. Performers: Ayana Evans and IV Castellanos. Artists: Lauren Gregory and Spandita Malik. Speakers: Masha Tupitsyn and Jasmine Wahi. Moderator: Christen Clifford. View here.

March 29th. Sex Work in Pandemic: Legislation and Technology. Speakers: Cecilia Gentili, Mickey Mod, Melissa Gira Grant, and Pani Farvid. Moderator: McKenzie Wark. View here.

March 22nd. Finding Ceremony: Honoring Black Feminist Elders. Speakers: Tao Leigh Goffe, Courtney Desiree Morris, and Romy Opperman. Moderator: Deva Woodly. View here.

March 15. Welcome to Your Fantasy: Chippendales and the Female Gaze. Speakers: Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, Neil J. Young, and Nicole Hemmer. View here.

March 8th. Black, Feminist and Queer Anarchy. Speakers: Jack Halberstam, Marquis Bey, and Chiara Bottici. View here.

March 4th. Feminism and the Neoliberal Academy. Speakers: Simten Cosar, Jaskiran Dhillon, and Kimberly Tallbear-Dauphine. View here.

February 25th. Activism: Thought and Praxis in a Context of Hostility. Speakers: Fania Noel, Marianna Poyares, Mayra Cotta, and Elif Genc. View here.

February 18th. Feminist/Female Legacies at TNS. Roundtable discussion with Gina Walker (Women’s Studies, SPE), Cecilia Rubino (Theater, Lang), Savanna Washington (Media Studies, SPE), Stefania de Kenessey (Music, Lang), Julia Foulkes (History, SPE), and Ellen Freeberg (Associate Dean, NSSR). View here.

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